Use a Local Cleaning Service Instead of a National Chain

by easywaymaids - August 14, 2019

Picking a cleaning company can be a paralyzing experience. Almost everyone looks exclusively at Google or Yelp results to find a service professional, whether a maid service or a HVAC technician. All the information you have is a long list of faceless companies and the online reviews they’ve accumulated (which are notoriously unreliable and/or fake).

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re just shooting in the dark and arbitrarily picking a company based on their branding. It’s not a good feeling, but luckily Easyway Maid Service has a simple rule that will narrow down your choices.

Always use a local cleaning service if you have the option!


Local businesses care more


It can be tempting to go with a large corporation – they give the illusion of legitimacy and security – and, while there is a kernel of truth to this, it’s mostly false.

The reality is that, to a national cleaning chain, an individual customer has almost no value. At the end of the day, they don’t care about your experience.

When companies grow to a certain size and go public, there are so many different people involved that a diffusion of responsibility occurs. The bigger the company, the less ethical and customer service-based they tend to be. 

Why would they care about your 3 bed 2 bath move out cleaning when they have literally hundreds of thousands of other customers?

When you hire a local house cleaning company, you’re going to be talking to staff that actually know your name, value your input, and want to win over your business.

Small businesses like us have a greater incentive to treat out customers better! Most of us operate with fairly slim profit margins and every word-of-mouth referral makes a difference. We have every reason to value you as a customer.

Hiring local supports your community


Giving your money to national or international conglomerates usually means they reinvest the money outside of your local economy. Stock buybacks, executive bonuses, and corporate headquarters is where your hard earned cash often ends up if you hire a Molly maid or a Merry Maids.

In contrast, when you support a local business that money often gets reinvested into that business, paid out to employees, or even donated local charities. 

We even offer nearly at-cost cleanings to all first responders in the Austin area, and we are certainly not the only one to do this!

While this is about more than just Easyway Maid Service, it is a fact that we pay our cleaners significantly more than the big cleaning chains in Austin. 

We know that paying our housekeepers well results in higher quality service. New and/or local companies have much more on the line with their reputation! Big companies coast on their existing reputation while cutting costs and decreasing the quality of service. It’s just how companies work. 

By keeping your income circulating within Austin, you allow small businesses to hire more people and expand, growing the economy and providing more and more opportunities to the people.

Heck, we even support our competing cleaning services here in Austin! Swept Cleaning and Easyway operate in the same market with the same customer base, but we look out for each other because that’s how local businesses thrive!

We even tested out their service and made a blog post about their excellent performance and practices.

How many national chains do you see cooperating with each other for the betterment of their customers?



Local service businesses have better customer service


Attempting to resolving any kind of problem with a franchise or chain can leave you feeling helpless. There is no sense of connection to any human being, just a string of semi-anonymous customer service phone reps that don’t know you or each other.

With a local cleaning service, you’re dealing with just a handful of people. We know your name, we know your preferences, we know each other and can communicate effectively within the business. It’s a lot easier when you don’t have 10,000 different administrative employees who’ve never seen or even spoken to each other.

The bigger your customer base is, the easier it is to make mistakes. That’s just a fact, and you should always take that into consideration when picking a service.