Standard / Basic Cleaning

Easyway Maid Service & Cleaning services

When should I select a standard cleaning?

Standard cleanings are primarily used for our recurring services: monthly, tri-weekly, bi-weekly, and weekly cleanings. When a home receives regular service, the dust and grime doesn’t have as much time to build up, and so a heavier/more expensive clean is not necessary. There is no need to select a deep clean from our extras if you are signed up for regular service with us.

Standard cleanings can also be selected for homes that are kept particularly tidy. However, we ask that – as a general rule – if your home has gone 1+ months without a standard cleaning, select our deep cleaning package.

How many professional cleaners will be coming?

For 1-2 bedroom homes, we send 1 cleaner, although they may bring a partner if they choose.

For 3+ bedroom homes, we usually require a minimum of 2 professional house cleaners. In the event that only 1 cleaner is available, we will let you know. It rarely happens, but either way it will not affect your price or the quality of your service, our flat rate pricing ensures your home is cleaned to your satisfaction every time, or we’ll come back and fix whatever isn’t up to your standards for free!

Sometimes for larger homes, a trainee may accompany your maids as well, if they are currently teaching a new worker the ropes!

What’s included in a standard cleaning?

We have a complete checklist of everything included in a regular cleaning right here:

Standard/Regular Home Cleaning Checklist


Our checklist includes cobweb removal and dusting all reachable surfaces (excluding areas that would require your maids to use a stepladder more than 3-4 feet tall, for their safety). This includes cleaning blinds, window ledges, ceiling fans, and all furniture surfaces.

We will clean glass surfaces like tabletops and mirrors, and do a baseboard detail cleaning. Your cleaning professional/s will empty the trash and mop all non-carpeted floorspace, as well as vacuuming any carpets or rugs

Finally, just leave your fresh linens on the bed and we will change them for you. Loads of laundry are extra, but we will carefully removed and replace any sheets, blankets, or duvets left on top of the bed.


Your housekeeper/s will wipe down each and every surface, except for the ceilings 😉

All mirrors, sinks, tubs, showers, and countertops will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We will leave your toilets sparkling like the day they were installed! Our housekeepers will also remove any grime and clean any shower doors + the inside of the bathroom door.

Floors will be mopped as well, and any mats will be vacuumed.


We know a clean kitchen is critical for any halfway decent home. Your cleaner will wipe down any tables and chairs, and the top of the refrigerator, stove top, and stove fan.

Countertops get wiped down, and your maid/s will clean the inside of your microwave, as well as the exteriors of all large appliances.

We scrub and clean your sinks thoroughly, shining and polishing any and all stainless steel surfaces.

Last, we’ll mop the kitchen (and laundry area) floors and dust/wipe the kitchen doors if you have them.

All other living spaces

Your cleaning professional/s will mop any uncarpeted floors and vacuum any carpets or rugs in all your living spaces. We remove any cobwebs, dust all furniture surfaces, flat surfaces, ceiling fans, window ledges, and blinds. If there are trash cans, we will empty them.

All living spaces, hallways, and staircases receive baseboard cleaning and a wipe-down (including bannisters).

All other living spaces

We do offer a variety of extra services: cleaning inside the oven and/or fridge, window cleaning (the glass on the inside of all reachable windows, loads of laundry, wall cleaning, and much more.

Extra/additional services

All our extras are listed here:

cleaning checklist infographic