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Move-out Cleaning Rules

Easyway Maid Service defines a move-out cleaning as “a home with furniture removed”. We have a customer Move Out Cleaning Checklist listed on our services page. Move-out/move-in cleanings cost extra to account for the additional surface area the team is able to reach, since furniture has been removed. There are also additional services included that you can see on the checklist mentioned above.

  • If you are moving out soon, but the home will still be furnished at the time of the cleaning, we recommend going with a deep cleaning instead.
  • There cannot be any other crews working on the home at the time of cleaning, or people actively moving out.
  • We have 2 move-out/move-in packages: one standard, and one with inside the fridge + oven cleaning included for an extra $35.
  • We cannot move furniture, haul trash, or remove things weighing more than 20 pounds (like rugs) out of the home.
  • We must have water, power, and working lights in all rooms.
  • We cannot remove stains from carpets, or ground-on dirt on floors. We mop, sweep, and vacuum but there are companies specifically dedicated to floor cleaning that handle those situations. We are happy to refer you if you need one of those services as well.
  • We cannot remove smells such as pet urine. Often removing these smells requires renovation, such as replacing or steam cleaning the carpet, or painting over the stained portion of the wall.
  • We do not clean outside the home, our cleaners exclusively work inside.
  • If any of these policies aren’t met, we will charge the full cancellation fee of $70


If you select laundry as part of your add-on services, we need detailed instructions.

This is to ensure we do not damage your clothes. Please let us know what settings you prefer, and inform us of any peculiarities in your machines so we can best serve you.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

We do everything we possibly can to give you the highest possible quality of cleaning. Rarely however, there could be a miscommunication, error, or mistake during training that could lead to a cleaning that you’re not completely satisfied with. In this possible but very uncommon situation, our primary concern is that you walk away from the experience still happy, and looking to book with us again.

Barring very out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, we allow our customers to pick their own discount. If you think the experience was a letdown and want 100% of your money back, we will gladly process a full refund. If you think your cleaning is worth 70% of what you paid, we’ll refund that as well.

It’s up to you, we are here to serve you and must hold up our end of the bargain.

Directing Your Cleanings While Working

We are happy to book an hourly, custom cleaning for you. But, our cleaners do need room to work!

We understand it’s your home, and you want everything done right. A little instruction is one thing, but if you’re shadowing your cleaners throughout the cleaning, we may ask you to stop.

We have highly professional and meticulous cleaning technicians. They know what they’re doing and do not require any direction. We just ask for your trust, and that you let us do our thing and make the home sparkle.

We promise we will treat your home with all the love and attention it deserves.

Cleaning Outside

We only clean inside the home, patios and outside windows must be excluded.

Insurance & Bonding

We are completely insured and bonded! All your cleaners are protected, and so you are you! Any accidents or theft are covered by our insurance, bond, and worker’s comp policies. 

Don’t hire a company that isn’t insured.

To be truthful, it’s unlikely they’ll ever need to use it, and most will pay out of pocket for damages anyway. However, carrying insurance and bonding is a sign of a well-run company that follows industry standards. Ask first if you’re going to hire someone!

2-Hour Arrival Window

To account for traffic, previous bookings taking longer than expected, and other special situations, we have a 2-hour “arrival window” for the team to show up. They may arrive anywhere in this window, but teams arrive within the first 15 minutes about 90% of the time.

If you want to be extra sure the team will arrive earlier in the window, take one of our earlier booking spots (8AM to 11AM) so your team will not have any prior jobs that could potentially delay them.

Do I Need to Provide Supplies or Equipment?

Nope! All our teams bring their own supplies and equipment. The only thing you need to provide is running water and access to electricity.

It’s important to note that we cannot use your vacuums or cleaning supplies. All our employees are trained in how to effectively and safely use the products we carry. They are not trained to use your supplies.

Additionally, using equipment they’re not familiar with slows down the cleaning process and increases the chances of error. We can only use our own supplies.

Cancellation Fees/Rescheduling

If you cancel within 24 hours of your booking, there is a $70 cancellation fee. The rescheduling fee is $40

The $70 cancellation fee or $40 rescheduling fee will also apply if the team arrives and discovers they are unable to clean the home. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Team shows up and no one is home to let them in + no/incorrect entry info was left + we attempt to reach you twice by phone + the team waits 15 minutes and we are still unable to reach you. We will always make every effort to get contact with you before charging a $70 no-show fee. We would much rather complete your whole booking!
  • Team arrives and there is either no running water or electricity.
  • HAZMAT situations or animal/insect infestations including bed bugs, roaches, etc.
  • Unsafe working conditions: nails or sharp objects on floor, no working lights (prevents the team from seeing where they are going), illicit substances present, and other situations.
  • Team shows up and the location is a hoarder-type home, or is so cluttered they are not able to clean around the mess.

Payment Details

We only accept credit and debit cards. We will put the exact amount of your booking on hold 48 hours prior to your appointment. This hold may show up as a charge, depending on your bank, but we will never withdraw the funds before your cleaning. Once your booking is complete, we will charge your card.

Refunds or releasing holds does take 3-5 business days.

Your information is completely secure and encrypted. Even we cannot see your credit card number once it’s been entered into our system.

Exceptionally Dirty or Messy Homes

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle hoarder homes. There are special companies dedicated to this kind of service, but we are not trained to handle the safety hazards that come with cleaning the home of someone who isn’t able to take care of themselves. Needles, glass, and biohazards or pet waste go beyond the scope of what we do.

If a h0me requires significantly more cleaning than average, we may require that you switch to our hourly rate instead. To avoid this, please tell us ahead of time if the h0me is very dirty. We can customize your quote to accomodate this.

Height Limits

Our cleaners have permission to clean anything they can reach with a step stool. 

This means that most chandeliers and high windows are out of reach for us.

Employees Or Contractors?

All our cleaners are employees of Easyway Maid Service (W-2). This means we train, provide supplies for, and direct all cleaning technicians through our intensive on-boarding process.

Using contractors, companies have almost no control over their product. For this reason, we do not use them.

All our employees are also paid a living wage. Tipping is encouraged but we pay them enough that no cleaners are dependent on tips.

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