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by easywaymaids - November 9, 2018

Review of Swept Cleaning in Austin, TX:

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Swept Cleaning is a kind of “sister company” to Easyway Maid Service. They hold the same customer service values we do, and operate with an equal level of professionalism and attention-to-detail. If you’ve ever tried to book a cleaning with us and we were unable to take your appointment, we probably referred you to Swept! They’re a fantastic company and we would like to share Dan’s review of them with you:

“My cleaning team (Michelle) just left a few minutes ago and I wanted to jump right on Yelp and leave a review! Swept made booking online super easy, I didn’t even have to call or request a quote, you can do it right off their website.

On top of that, Swept called the day before to confirm the appointment (very nice) and check if there was anything else I needed to notify the cleaners of before they got there. As a matter of fact, I completely forgot to tell them that the gate isn’t near the leasing office, so it’s a good thing they reached out to me!

The day of, they called and offered to have the team come earlier, if I wanted. I had a meeting at noon so this actually worked out fantastically. I wasn’t home at the time, and they very patiently waited for me to get there. Michelle is a wonderful person, and could tell I am the talkative type so we had a great conversation while she was working. The cleaning itself was fantastic and the whole place was absolutely spotless. I would highly recommend them.”

Dan O. on Yelp

Swept is one of the only other cleaning services in Austin that provides easy online booking and allows you to schedule, modify, or cancel all your bookings without ever having to pick up the phone!

Like Easyway Maid Service, Swept offers much narrower “arrival windows” than the competition. One national chain (that shall remain unnamed) has a FIVE-hour window for the cleaners to arrive. Who has time for that??

They also have an elite customer service team, lightening-fast responses, and competitive pricing even though they are currently a 5-star business on Yelp! Their satisfaction guarantee and other policies protect their customers and make sure no one leaves unsatisfied with their service.

We suggest you check them out right away!

Find them at

Or call them at 512-298-5402