Redfin’s House Cleaning Tips | Easyway Maid Service

by easywaymaids - February 1, 2020

Here at Easyway, we try to publish as much good content as we can, and the best content comes from collaboration with other sites and businesses.

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This week, we collaborated with Redfin and many other cleaning companies to provide some unorthodox cleaning advice.

If you aren’t in the know, Redfin is a real estate company that got it’s start by pioneering map-based searches for properties, an innovation that has now become industry standard. They also have top-notch customer service, and low listing fees.

If you want some down and dirty cleaning tips, check out Redfin’s new article, Cleaning Experts Share Dirty Secrets: The Places Homeowners Always Neglect.

The blog post features cleaning tips from us at Easyway Maid Service, as well as Cleaning Affinity in Portland, Oregon, and many others!

This post is all about lesser-known cleaning tips that can save you time and energy. Everyone knows the usual suspects: floor vacuuming, dusting furniture, wiping mirrors, etc. But, Redfin has some tips compiled from many cleaning services that go a little deeper than your average post.

Take a look and leave them a comment!

…And have a fantastic weekend!