How we find the best professional house cleaners

by easywaymaids - January 1, 2019

Searching for the right house cleaning service is difficult.

You have to wade through pages of Google ads, services paying to promote themselves, and then Google’s organic search results. Where a company appears on Google is rarely an indication of how good their service is, and Yelp is even worse when it comes to finding actual, honest reviews.

Essentially, you’re left with the option of calling as many companies as possible and requesting a bunch of quotes. You have no idea which company is the best, because the internet is fraught with fake reviews, while the real reviews are also often hidden by Yelp’s algorithm. It’s a bunch of guesswork, unless you’ve been referred by word-of-mouth.

Well, we try to be as transparent as possible with how we maintain such a good quality of service. Setting aside our focus on customer service and quick response times, here is our formula for sending you only the best maid service in the Austin area:

Our recruitment process:

Written application:

A plus score

We start with an extensive online application, that covers basic identity information, as well as a questionnaire testing the experience and knowledge of the person applying to work with us as a cleaning team.

This questionnaire goes over cleaning products, cleaning techniques, past cleaning experience, and hypothetical scenarios to make sure we screen out anyone who is not already a talented and experienced professional house cleaner.

Phone interview:

phone interview

Next, the applicants that demonstrate exemplary cleaning knowledge are scheduled for a phone interview, where we go over their work experience, location details, schedule, personal background, and interpersonal skills.

We cover the basic building blocks of what makes a good maid, and ensure that their application is accurate and they possess the professionalism of someone qualified to work for Easyway Maid Service

Reference check:

We require multiple professional references from all our applicants. Family and friends are not allowed, as we want unbiased sources that can verify their work experience and customer service skills.

If we cannot obtain multiple valid references, we do not move forward with them in the recruitment process.

In-person interview:

This is where many companies completely drop the ball, and neglect one of the most important aspects of recruitment: meeting the person face-to-face to get an accurate picture of who they are!

Most professional cleaning services skip right over this critical step, and as a result they may hire someone who looks great on paper and by phone, but isn’t as good face-to-face.

Background check:

Ah, of course. We would never, ever work with someone who doesn’t pass a thorough criminal background check. People think of this first when they look for maid service, so we take it very seriously.

We value friendliness and attention-to-detail – and a real interview is where these qualities come to light.

Our background check company is Checkr, one of the best and most thorough services around.

Many times, an applicant has been surprised at how far in the past their background checks reach. Nothing escapes Checkr’s all-seeing eye. You can feel secure knowing Easyway Maid Service places your security as the highest priority.

Test Cleaning:

We set ourselves apart from the competition by testing recruits’ cleaning skills before we ever send them to your home.

We send them a copy of our customized cleaning checklist, and if anything is missed we do not move forward with their application.

Probationary Month:

Once they’ve been on-boarded, added to our platform & we’ve made sure they are equipped with the proper equipment such as our melamine sponges, we start to continually monitor customer ratings.

After every booking, you receive a ratings email. We tally up these ratings to create an “out of 5” star score for each cleaning team.

We do not work with teams that fall below 4 stars. We also keep an especially close eye on teams in their first month, to make sure they are up to your quality standards.


Our extensive recruitment process and thorough background checks ensure that you get Austin’s finest cleaning teams.

Never worry again about finding a reliable cleaning service, we’ve got you covered.