100% satisfaction guarantee:

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your home cleaning, report it to us within 72 hours of your booking and we will get a team out to fix any spots that were missed in your initial cleaning! We can schedule a re-clean on a date up to, but not more than, 14 days from the original booking date. We want you to have the utmost confidence that you’ll get the sparkling clean home you deserve.

Insurance & Bonding:

We are completely insured and bonded! All your cleaners are protected, and so you are you! Any accidents or theft are covered by our insurance, bond, and worker’s comp policies. 

2-hour arrival window:

To account for traffic, previous bookings taking longer than expected, and other special situations, we have a 2-hour “arrival window” for the team to show up. They may arrive anywhere in this window, but teams arrive within the first 15 minutes about 90% of the time.

If you want to be extra sure the team will arrive earlier in the window, take one of our earlier booking spots (8AM to 11AM) so your team will not have any prior jobs that could potentially delay them.

Payment details:

We only accept credit and debit cards, unless you are a commercial cleaning client. We will put the exact amount of your booking on hold 48 hours prior to your appointment. This hold may show up as a charge, depending on your bank, but we will never withdraw the funds before your cleaning. Once your booking is complete, we will charge your card.

We bring our own supplies and equipment:

All our teams bring their own supplies and equipment. The only thing you need to provide is running water and access to electricity. If you want your team to use your supplies, we are happy to do this, but there is no discount associated.

We do offer green cleaning products for an extra charge of $20 – just let us know by phone or select the “Green Cleaning” extra on our booking page.

Cancellation fees/rescheduling:

If you cancel within 24 hours of your booking, there is a $70 cancellation fee. The rescheduling fee is $40

The fee may be waived for rescheduling within 24 hours, depending on the situation. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The $70 cancellation fee or $40 rescheduling fee will also apply if the team arrives and discovers they are unable to clean the home. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Team shows up and no one is home to let them in + no/incorrect entry info was left + we attempt to reach you twice by phone + the team waits 15 minutes and we are still unable to reach you. We will always make every effort to get contact with you before charging a $70 no-show fee. We would much rather complete your whole booking!
  • Team arrives and there is either no running water or electricity.
  • HAZMAT situations or animal/insect infestations including bed bugs, roaches, etc.
  • Unsafe working conditions: nails or sharp objects on floor, no working lights (prevents the team from seeing where they are going), illicit substances present, and other situations.
  • Team shows up and the location is a hoarder-type home, or is so cluttered they are not able to clean around the mess.
  • Team shows up and the home information provided by the customer is not accurate, and the customer is not willing to pay the correct price (ex: home is booked as a 3 bedroom, but they discover it is actually a 4 bedroom and the customer does not want to pay the new, updated price).

Move-out/Move-in cleanings:

Easyway Maid Service defines a move-out cleaning as “a home with furniture removed”. Our cleaning checklist is the same for standard, move-in/move-out, and deep cleanings. Move-out/move-in cleanings cost extra to account for the additional surface area the team is able to reach, since furniture has been removed.

If you are moving out soon, but the home will still be furnished at the time of the cleaning, we recommend going with a deep cleaning.

We have 2 move-out/move-in packages: one standard, and one with inside the fridge + oven cleaning included for an extra $35.

Extra messy homes / what happens if we show up and need to re-quote:

If we show up and the home is far dirtier than what was conveyed, we made need to re-quote and agree on a new price before proceeding. As a general rule: if the home is especially dirty or hasn’t been cleaned in over a month, please select the deep cleaning package. If the home is truly out-of-control or a hoarder home, we do not offer this kind of service.

Cleaning team safety and hazards:

See the cancellation fees/rescheduling policies. Any dangerous situations or infested homes cannot be cleaned. Additionally our teams will not get on any ladders exceeding 3-4 feet to clean, for safety reasons.

Our vetting/recruitment process:

We have the most extensive recruitment process around. All our teams go through the following process:

  1. Extensive written application
  2. 15-minute phone interview
  3. Double reference-check
  4. 1-hour in-person interview
  5. Extensive, national criminal background check
  6. A thorough test cleaning to make sure their work is good enough to accept jobs from Easyway Maid Service
  7. Close monitoring of customer ratings for the first month
  8. Continuous monitoring of customer ratings as they continue to work with us
    1. All teams falling below a 4 star average are cut from our roster

We believe in referring you only the best cleaning professionals Austin, TX has to offer. We know our process is a cut above the rest.

Things we don’t do:

  • Dangerous situations/infestations/hoarder homes
  • Cleaning or replacing lightbulbs (safety)
  • Cleaning anything above 10 feet (cannot be reached with 3-4 foot step ladder)
  • Putting away/cleaning dishes (reduces risk of breakage and things being put in the wrong place)
  • Anything outside the home, except patios which we clean for an extra $30
  • Painting and other kinds of renovation
  • Trash hauling service, we can only move your trash to a dumpster or trash can located on your property. The city requires a trash permit to remove waste from the premises.

Same-day bookings:

We do currently accept same-day bookings, but only by phone. You are only able to book online 15 hours in-advance or more. We will contact our teams and see if anyone is able to take your booking last minute. It’s worth a try! We often end up with someone available for you, even last minute. Just call us at 512-793-7861.