Top 5 Commonly Missed Areas by Maid Services | Easyway Maids

by easywaymaids - November 20, 2018

Easyway Maid Service strives for constant improvement and higher customer satisfaction – just take a look at our Yelp Page!

A part of that process is paying close attention to customer complaints. The other part of the process is hiring great professional cleaners who do a great job & paying close attention to what customers  are most impressed about. We have compiled some data from complaints we’ve received (we keep it real here) as well as data from other cleaning services in the area.

Here are some of the areas most frequently overlooked by maid services:


Baseboard detail cleaning is one of those things that people rarely do on their own. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming are all easily done at home, but baseboard cleaning is one of those things most people hire a cleaning service to take care of.

Baseboard detail cleaning is included in all our cleaning packages, and can be found on the Easyway Maid Service cleaning checklist.

Getting those dusty/stained areas often involves extended periods of time stooping, bending over, or wearing out your knees kneeling on a hard floor. Leave this one to the professionals, but make sure to keep an eye out for missed areas! Don’t settle for a halfway-done job.

Curtains and blinds:

Removing the dust on and around curtains and blinds often doesn’t leave much of a visual impact. With some exceptions, it can be hard to tell if there are dusty bunnies clinging on the areas around your windows. But, while the naked eye often can find a difference, you definitely notice when you pull back the curtains and the Sahara Desert shakes off onto your clothes and your carpet.

Because it isn’t always visually obvious when curtains and blinds are dusty, many house cleaning services in Austin don’t give these areas the attention-to-detail they need to produce the perfect clean. Take a look at the curtains before and after your cleaning to make sure you get your money’s worth. It’ll take 2 seconds, but it will instantly reveal whether you have hired a thorough house cleaning professional, or one who cuts corners.

Dusting those hard-to-reach places:

dusting ceiling fan

Tops of picture frames, behind the television, on top of ceiling fans: dust insidiously inserts itself wherever you’ll be least likely to notice. No one wants to turn on their fan for the first time in 3 years, only to be showered in particles and grime.

Even if your cleaners are not NBA stars, they can still clean many of these areas with a duster or a short step ladder. Most companies do not use high ladders for liability reasons, but they can often get these spots anyway with a little creativity.


dusting windowsills

This is by far the most commonly missed area for us in 2018. We have made some revisions to our protocols to address this issue, and recruited more superstar cleaners who go for the gold every time.

Windowsills, unlike other dusting areas, are very visible and make a big visual impact on the look of your home. It’s one of those things that your brain doesn’t specifically pick up, but still notices that something looks “wrong”. If you want your home to shine for the holidays, make sure to hire a maid service that explicitly includes this in their cleaning checklist.

However, while baseboards are difficult and arduous to clean, windowsills are relatively easy and there’s no reason why you should settle for a company that skips over this area. While we are a fairly young company (founded in January 2018), we constantly collect feedback and make adjustments to assure 100% customer satisfaction. This is an area where we have learned and grown, and since then significantly improved the quality of our cleans with customer feedback!

Pet hair:

dog running with ball

Oh boy. I’m sure we don’t need to explain to you how frustrating it can be to get rid of pet hair.

You can spend all day on your hands and knees picking out hairs with a lint roller or comb, only to have your furry friend swiftly reapply half their bodyweight to your carpet and couch. 

There’s no easy way to accomplish this. Good old-fashioned elbow grease is the solution to this problem. A vacuum won’t take care of pet hair by itself, but a meticulous team of cleaning professionals can get it done.

If you have a pet, we highly recommend signing up for recurring service. Weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly cleaning can help keep the pet hair under control. However, bi-weekly or weekly service is likely the best solution, as it only takes a few days for many longer-haired pets to coat your home in fur.

We offer our best discounts to our recurring customers, with 20% off, 15% off, or 10% off depending on whether you select weekly, biweekly, or monthly service. The first cleaning is full price, but for every cleaning after that, you will feel the difference in your wallet. Many cleaning services offer very large discounts for recurring service, and it’s a great way to automate your life and leave time for the more important things.


Do thorough research on maid services before you hire someone. Check out their Yelp page, social media accounts, and policies before you make a decision. In 2018 there are a million different ways to research who you are hiring.  Check out our hiring process that we use ourselves to hire some of our best cleaning pros. The days of flipping through the yellow pages with no context are over. This is a great thing, consumers can make much more educated decisions than they were able to just 10 or 20 years ago. Do your due diligence and reap the rewards!

Perhaps more importantly, we offer a 100% free re-clean policy. If one of these areas (or anything else) is missed, just shoot us an email (, text, or phone call at 512-793-7861 and we will happily send a crew back out to do the touch-ups for you!

We give it our all every time, but we have made sure you are covered, even if we make mistakes. As long as you notify us within 72 hours of your cleaning, we can schedule a re-clean up to 14 days from the date of your original cleaning. This ensures you have plenty of times and dates to choose from, making it as convenient as possible!

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and as long as we keep getting this excellent feedback from our customers, we can continually improve our processes and hold our spot as Austin’s #1 cleaning service.