How to Prepare Your Home for a Cleaning Service

by easywaymaids - November 4, 2018

Why organize when I’ve already hired a cleaning company?

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When you make a booking with an Austin cleaning service, there are some basic things you should do make sure you get the maximum bang for your buck. Most house cleaning companies will do everything they can to make your home clean and tidy. However, they do still have to work within certain constraints. An excessively messy or cluttered home can make it hard for the crews to work around the jumble.

While businesses like Easyway Maid Service offer organizational services on top of cleaning, many other businesses do not. Additionally, only you know where you like your things to be placed. Instead of paying someone else to do it (although we are happy to accept your extra business), you can probably get it done yourself better, and in less time. What you really want from a maid service is the things that you can’t easily do yourself. You are the expert of your own home, but we are the experts on getting thoshard-to-reach-spots, tough stains, and stubborn grout between your bathroom tiles.

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your purchase – and we want that for you as well – you should do some basic pick-up around the house to prepare it for deep cleaning.

What are the main things I need to do?

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Make sure that someone will be home at the time of your cleaning. If you are leaving a key under the mat, or using a lockbox, be available by the phone in case there are any entry issues. We have a 15-minute-minimum wait policy. We will try to reach you twice by phone, leave a voicemail, send a text, and an email. We make every effort to get in touch with you if we can’t access the home before cancelling service. As a result, this is rarely a problem for us, but other Austin cleaning companies may not be as thorough before leaving and charging you a hefty cancellation fee. Cover your bases and be ready by the phone at least until the maids are inside!

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Many residential cleaning services do not offer furniture moving, and so it will be on you, the customer, to relocate any couches, dressers, etc. if you want the baseboards and carpets behind them wiped down and vacuumed. If it’s been a few years since someone got behind that bookshelf, now might be the time to grab a friend and lift it out of the way so your maid crew can eradicate that dust and buildup from over the years.

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This one may seem obvious, but: make sure you have running water and electricity at the time of the booking. This may be relevant if you are doing a move-in cleaning for a newly constructed house, or are preparing to move out. While our maids bring all their own supplies and equipment, we still need the juice to be on so we can get to work!

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Clear as much as you can off the floor. If you have kids, your home may be littered with toys and knick-knacks. It’s best to get these things off the floor, or at least scoop them up and temporarily put them in a closet or room that doesn’t need cleaning. Particularly if you are paying for an hourly cleaning, this will save the housekeepers some time, and save you some hard-earned cash.

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At the time of service, if you have any cats, dogs, or other pets roaming around, you should kennel them or put them up somewhere so they are not underfoot. We are a pet-friendly business and recruit cleaners who are the same, but safety is important if you have a pet who isn’t used to strangers in the home. However, most pets are friendly anyway – this is mainly about keeping them out of the way so your cleaning service can do their job more efficiently. It’s a little harder to wipe down baseboards when you have a fuzzy friend bouncing around, so consider moving them to another room for the duration of the booking.

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Avoid scheduling any other kind of maintenance or renovation work on your home during your booking. While it may be tempting to get these things out of the way at the same time, it may also reduce the quality of your cleaning (particularly if a contractor is doing work that produces dust). We recommend having any renovation work done before the time of your cleaning.

Other ways to be helpful and maximize the value of your maid service:

While this is certainly not required, consider rearranging or taking some of your food items out of the fridge if you have interior refrigerator cleaning scheduled. Our crews are happy to work around the food – it’s part of our job – but if you’re in a hurry to have your home cleaning done, this can speed up the process.

While it may also be tempting to assist the maids and clean with them, we recommend against this, as most cleaning professionals have a system and work better when uninterrupted. Let them do their thing for the best results.

Move-in and move-out cleanings:

We know how stressful moving can be, trust us. Things often get pushed to the side and need to be done last minute. Many people find themselves scrambling to pack everything up and get out, praying they’ll have their deposits returned. As a result, sometimes we show up to a move-out cleaning and the furniture has still not been removed.

A move-out or move-in cleaning is, by definition, a cleaning in which there is no furniture in the home. You are paying an extra fee due to the additional surface area that needs to be covered when there is no furniture in the home. As a result, if everything hasn’t been removed from the home, you’re not getting the best value for your cleaning. You’d essentially be paying the price of a move-out cleaning for what is really a standard cleaning.

Get that furniture taken care of so we can get those tough-to-reach baseboards and really do a bang-up job for your stingy landlord. We want you to get your deposit back as much as you do!

That said, if you want the full maid experience and would rather us organize for you, make sure to add a couple hours of organizing service on our booking page, we’re great at what we do, and we’d be happy to take the hassle out of keeping your place tidy. Whichever Austin services you go for, you are now armed with the knowledge you need!