House Cleaning Discounts for Austin TX Fire and EMS

by easywaymaids - May 14, 2019

EDIT June 2020:


We are no longer offering the 30% discount to Austin PD, in support of the Austin police brutality protests. We will resume our police discount when the city of Austin appoints an independent body to investigate police misconduct, instead of doing investigations internally.

National EMS Week 2019


In honor of the 45th annual National EMS week – May 19 to May 25 – Easyway Maid Service is offering it’s largest discount ever to all Austin-Travis County EMS, Austin Fire Department, and Austin Police department uniformed personnel.

This discount will continue indefinitely, it does NOT end on May 25, we want to continue to support Austin public safety.

We are always looking for ways to service and connect our community here in Austin – such as our 2018 Blogger Survey that compiled data from bloggers across the city to analyze trends for a comprehensive article – and we have something special cooked up this year for our customers: Any sworn employee of police, fire, or EMS can claim a 30% off discount on all house cleaning services by making a booking online, or giving us a call at (512) 793-7861.

-See details at the bottom of this post-

History of Austin-Travis County EMS

EMS has come a long way from the early civilian-run ambulance services.

After the Civil War ended, in 1865, the first American EMS system was formed in Cincinnati – based on the experiences of patient triage and transport utilized by General Jonathan Letterman. In 1869, the first municipally based EMS system formed in NYC.  Back in the day, patients weren’t exactly transported by ambulances. Early EMS consisted largely of untrained civilians responding to emergencies and loading up patients into a horse drawn cart.

The origin of modern EMS occurred just after World War II – patients often received transport to the hospital in actual hearses.  Austin EMS was founded in 1976, running only 7 ambulances with 32 BLS-trained personnel. They donned big orange jumpsuits instead of the familiar white or navy blue shirts seen today, and ran an average of 2 calls per ambulance per shift!

Austin EMS ambulance

Advanced Life Support units were slowly added over the next 2 decades, until 1995 when the organization changed to become compliant with national ALS regulations, and officially became “Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services”.

Today Austin EMS serves the entire Travis County area, with 37 stations and hundreds of uniformed, civil-service medics. Call volume can get as high as 15 calls a shift or more on some of the busier trucks, and the standards and protocols have evolved to make Austin-Travis County EMS one of the, if not the national leader in EMS protocol and technology!

History of Easyway Maid Service

Our professional cleaning service has always been a loyal supporter of public safety personnel – after all, we both serve the same population in Austin, Texas!

In fact, Easyway Maid Service was founded in 2018 by an EMS dispatcher and former field-medic with Austin-Travis County EMS.  Daniel Olin served Austin-Travis County as an EMT-B and 911 dispatcher from 2013 to 2018 – starting Easyway Maid Service in between night shifts at CTECC, the Austin 911 dispatch center.

The discipline, attention-to-detail, and rigorous protocols of EMS lended themselves well to business, and Daniel used many of the skills he picked up as an EMT/dispatcher to ensure top-notch customer service and consumer experience for his house cleaning clients.

Address verification, redundant systems designed to catch human error, and carefully integrated software helped to provide Easyway’s customers with a reliable and efficient experience.

From our online booking system, to our customer satisfaction follow-ups, to our extensive screening and vetting of all our home cleaning professionals, we strive to provide Austin with only the best-of-the-best.

How maid service can benefit Austin EMS, AFD, and APD

In the ruthless and high-stakes environment of emergency service, maximizing the time you can spend with your friends and family on your days off is critical. Even with the relative convenience of 12-hour shifts, many uniformed public safety personnel suffer from exhaustion and moral injury (formerly known as burnout) in their time off work. 

This kind of cumulative stress can make it hard to take care of yourself. When you spend the bulk of your week helping people who are often having the worst day of their life, simple tasks like keeping your place clean can feel absolutely overwhelming.

The mental health benefits of maintaining a clean home are well documented. Just check out our article How to Increase your Focus by Having a Clean Home for more details. That’s why we’re offering a discount just large enough to cover our expenses, but not take any significant profit.

It’s a win-win for Easyway: provide Austin police, firefighters, and medics with premium cleaning service at the price level of a lower-quality service, and provide our dedicated teams of cleaning professionals with an abundance of clients.

Cleaning discount details

In order to be eligible for the discount, uniformed personnel must leave their badge number in special instructions section of our booking page while booking online, or tell us their badge number while making a booking by phone.  You can enter the coupon codes EMS30, FD30, or PD30 in the discount code box (discount will be removed if badge number is not included in the special instructions section) and the 30% off discount will be automatically applied and shown in your price!