Developing a Cleaning Routine | Easyway Maid Service

by easywaymaids - September 17, 2019

Cycle your Monday through Friday cleaning


The best way to make yourself clean is to break it up into sizable, manageable chunks.

The longer you put it off, the more it looms over you like a grimy, self-replicating monster. What should be an easy, and dare we say therapeutic,  process becomes overwhelming. 

You’ll never do it if you try to schedule it all for the weekend. How is a single person supposed to perform at the level of a professional cleaning service with multiple team members working simultaneously?

You’ll lose your entire Sunday if you put it off until then. The best, time-proven method for doing it yourself is a simple, Monday through Friday schedule. That way you don’t even have to think about cleaning on your hard earned weekends.

Luckily, we’ve prepared a sample routine for you


Monday has to be floor day. It’s the first, most-noticeable thing to get dirty. If you have kids, they probably spent the whole weekend mucking it up like it’s their full-time job.

Start with the upstairs and sweep from the back of the room towards the door. This can be a quick a painless process if you aren’t perfectionist.

Remember, if you’re doing this every Monday, there won’t be as much to sweep and it’s not a big deal if you miss some spots.

Work your way downstairs and repeat the same process.

Now break out your mop and go through the rooms again, mopping in circles until your floors are back to normal.


Ah, dusting day! We already started your week with the most difficult day, so here’s an easy one.

Just take a feather duster to everything you see. Don’t start wiping things down, that comes later. Just give the whole house a quick once over on all flat surfaces (don’t forget the fans) and call it a day!


Sorry, bud. This one has to be done: the dreaded bathroom day. 

Play some music while you work to make this one more tolerable. Go through the house and pour some toilet cleaner in first, as well as scrubbing bubbles cleaner on all the tubs.

While you work on the sinks, these products will seep in and do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Take a toothbrush to the little bathroom fixers with some baking soda and vinegar to keep things green.

Go back with your toilet scrubber and sponge to finish off the bathtub. Grab some melamine sponges if you want to kick some buildup-butt. Congratz! You’re halfway through the week and all the hardest tasks are finished.


Vacuum and wipe!

Grab your Dirt Devil and take it for a spin across all the carpets. Not much needs to be said here, if you’re doing this every week there won’t be much to vacuum.

Take a microfiber cloth and your favorite cleaning products and go through the house wiping all the flat surfaces. Don’t forget to hit the windowsills and bathroom mirrors.


Friday you’ve got guest coming over, so take care of this one in the morning.

That’s right, it’s kitchen day.

Start with the sinks and stovetop. They are the most obvious and noticeable parts of your kitchen, and also the most labor intensive. Use the sponge you probably already have in the sink, and polish if you want to go the extra mile.

If you’re using oven cleaner, be careful to use a separate rag or cleaning tool. Oven cleaner is caustic and can stain your granite counter tops, along with many other surfaces.

Make sure to scrub up your stovetop vent and the areas around it as well. Grease tends to fly up there and leave your kitchen looking nasty.

Although you wiped your flat surfaces yesterday, give the tables and countertops a quick once over, since the kitchen gets re-dirtied faster than any other part of your home

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You’re welcome to create your own routine, and there are plenty of other cleaning blogs out there, but this is a great place to start if you’re not sure what to do.

If you do decide to hire a cleaning service, make sure to go local.

Have a great week ya’ll!