10 Money Saving Cleaning Tips | Easyway Maid Service

There are a lot of cool life hacks that will save you time and money when cleaning your home – here’s our list!

Cleaning your own home


Melamine sponges

Use melamine sponges instead of Mr. Clean brand Magic Erasers. They are quite literally 1/10th the cost, and they work almost as well. Check out our other blog post for a complete review of melamine sponges.


Mix your own cleaning solution

Buy concentrate of cleaning products instead of the products themselves. This is far more cost effective. Once you have a few spray bottles and some concentrate, it could be many months before you even have to restock on chemicals.


Off-brand terry cloth mop

Get an off-brand Swiffer with reusable terry clothes. This is the only mop you’ll need for your home, and it’s far more convenient to use than a


Get supplies from Goodwill

In addition to clothing and other resold goods, Goodwills also have cleaning products. You can find name-brand cleaners for nickels-on-the-dollar if you hunt through Goodwill. It may seem inconvenient, but you only have to do these runs a couple times a year. Make a day out of it and go thrifting too!


Resolve pet stain remover on carpet

Resolve pet stain remover can also be used as a conditioner! After thoroughly cleaning your carpet, spray a protective layer of resolve to protect your shag against dirt and stains.


Soak showerhead in vinegar

If your water pressure is low, strap a bag filled with 50% water and 50% white wine vinegar over the showerhead with a rubber band. In about 1-2 hours, the vinegar will break down calcium deposits in the showerhead and increase your water pressure.

You might be amazed at how much water comes through your shower once you soak the nozzle.


Use rags instead of paper towels.

Unfortunately, we have seen even the most veteran cleaners go through roll after roll of paper towels during a clean.

This is an inefficient, wasteful habit, and it’s time for you to get rid of it! Get 20-40 rags for at home use (trust us, you’ll need them all).


Use lemon peels in your disposal

To freshen up the smell of your garbage disposal, toss some lemon rinds in once a week and grind them up. It’s surprising how efficiently this can remove unpleasant disposal odors.


Microwave a bowl of water

Toss a bowl of water in the microwave and heat it up for a few minutes. This will loosen residue inside the microwave and make it much, much easier to clean.


Professional cleaners


Buy in bulk!


Sites like Speed Cleaning sell products in bulk to professional services. If you are not buying in bulk you are buying wrong!

If you aren’t sure if you can purchase a concentrate version of your favorite cleaning product, try calling up the company and asking! They may have it.

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