How To Find a Reliable Cleaning Service

Finding a cleaning service can be daunting. Particularly if you’ve never hired one before, you might have no idea where to start.

You’re staring at the front page of Google search results: an indecipherable list of potential cleaning services, with nothing other than the company name to go by. Reviews of dubious legitimacy, websites that give no information on the age of the business; you are completely lost.

You find yourself calling 2 or 3 cleaning companies to request quotes, only to realize you have no idea which service will do a good job. You end up caving and hiring the 3rd company just because you don’t want to keep going.

If you have no cleaning industry experience, you won’t know what to look for. There are both red and green flags that cleaning company owners can spot, but the average person might not notice.

In this article, we are going to break down exactly what to look for when hiring a maid service. We will provide specific questions you can ask while you’re calling around – questions that will reveal whether they really do quality work, or not.

There are always tells of professionalism in any industry, and Easyway Maid Service is here to show you exactly how to find a competent, trustworthy, reliable cleaning service

Finding the best cleaning company in your city

Contractors vs employees

This is a big one.

When you are calling around collecting quotes, always ask the person on the phone if they use employees or contractors. If they say they use contractors, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and keep looking.

If we had to guesstimate: only 1 in 3 cleaning companies actually have their own employees. The other 2 in 3 use “independent contractors”.

SPOILER ALERT: you do not want to hire a maid service that only uses contractors. It is beyond common, and we will outline the reasons why you should avoid these businesses:

All good cleaning services have their own employees. They don’t need to outsource or use hired guns to clean your homes. Good cleaning services vet, hire, train, and manage their own workforce (we don’t need to get into the details, but they have W-2 workers instead of 1099 workers).

Employees can receive training, company approved cleaning supplies, instructions, cleaning techniques, continuing education, and more. They usually work exclusively for one maid service, and they know their policies and protocols. If you want consistency in your cleaning service, you want cleaners who have all been trained in the same methods and use the same equipment.

Contractors, on the other hand, can receive none of these things. Legally, you cannot train, provide supplies for, or even provide instructions for an independent contractor. This means they are usually people who have their own clients, but look for extra work from local cleaning companies – they could be anyone. You don’t know who is walking into your home, and what kind of experience they have. They could be a 16-year industry veteran, or someone who has only cleaned family members’ homes.

When we say you can’t tell a contractor how to do a job, we really mean it. If you have allergy friendly cleaning products, too bad. Your contractors can only use their own cleaning products and equipment. If they want to use bleach in the kitchen, the company can’t say anything about it.

Especially if you’re looking for weekly or bi-weekly service, you probably don’t want the cleans to vary wildly each time. With contracted cleaners, there may be huge differences in the quality of cleaning, depending on who is working that day.

Employees can be trained to use the same methods as other employees. That’s how you get consistency.

Contractors cannot be sent back to re-clean if they don’t want to. If you don’t like how the cleaning turned out, you might be out of luck. No one likes to do re-cleans, and since contractors cannot be compelled to do any work they don’t want to, you might not even be able to get a cleaner out to your home to fix it.

Employees do not pick and choose which jobs they want to accept. They are directed by the maid service they work for, and must follow company policies to stay employed. There is no question they are more reliable than their 1099 counterparts.

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