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Here are some of our best tips for cleaning specific household appliances and electronics:



Microwave crud can be extremely hard to remove, especially when it’s left there for weeks at a time to harden and calcify.

Leave a damp towel in in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, then let it sit in the microwave for another 2 minutes to steam the inside. This will loosen any debris and make cleaning your microwave much easier.



If you’ve noticed your vacuum struggling to suck up hairs from the carpet, there’s a good chance it’s time to empty the canister. The built up fluff jams up the tubes and prevents it from utilizing it’s full suction power.

In fact, for maximum vacuum power, you’ll probably need to empty your vacuum canister a few times while you’re cleaning,



Dust your tv, including the ports in the back, from top to bottom.

Wipe down with microfiber cloth, and some of Speed Cleaning’s Blue Juice. A little goes a long way, 99% of streaks are caused by using too much cleaning product.

Drying thoroughly is the most important part of cleaning glass, but be gentle to avoid breakage!


Coffee Pot

Coffee pots are easy: mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 10 cups of water. Run the solution through the coffee pot.

Then, run plain water through the machine 3 times to remove the taste of the vinegar. This doesn’t need to be done often, just whenever you notice your coffee maker slowing down.


Use dust-off spray for in between the keys, and microfiber or specialized cloth for the computer screen. You can also use the dust off in outlets and ports.


Ceiling fan

Depending on how often you use your fans, they may have built up a layer of dust.

The last thing you want is a Dust Bowl when you turn on your fan for the first time this summer. Take a feather duster to the top of the blades once a week. 

While you’re up there, tighten any loose screws you see. Fans wiggle loose over time, and often “broken” fans just need to be slightly tightened.



Dust your vents on a weekly basis. This only takes a few seconds per vent.

More importantly: you can drastically cut down on the amount of dust in your apartment by frequently changing your air filters.

If you live in an apartment, they may only replace the air filters once a year. Many apartments will be happy to provide you with a free filter if you install it yourself!

If you aren’t regularly changing your air filters, you may be adding hours to cleaning time to your workload each year.


Lampshades and blinds

Carefully dry blinds of condensation before dusting, or wipe them with a rag individually. Be careful not to damage the mechanism.

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