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If there is one thing children excel at, it is getting sick and/or injured if left to their own devices.

Since it’s impossible to always be watching, it’s important to baby and child-proof your home to remove as many hazards as possible.

We’ve written a checklist to keep your kids safe at home.

Home Safety Checklist


  • Cover up outlets
  • Unplug blowdryers and eletric rollers
  • Clean fridge with food stored properly
  • Generally clean living environment 
  • Tables, counters and floors clean
  • Any potentially dangerous items (guns, knives) locked up.
  • Fire detectors tested and armed
  • CO2 detector and fire extinguisher working
  • First aid kit available but stored in high place
  • Medications out of reach
  • Fence around pool with locked gate

These are the most important, must-have items you should keep checked off. 



Here are a few extra tips for the cautious.


  • Add corner and edge protectors to sharp tables
  • Address numbers clearly visible outside home for first responders
  • Non-slip pads under rugs
  • Install a temperature guard to your water heater, setting the maximum temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Fridge and pantry stocked with food
  • Dishes done and not on counter
  • Halls and all places of egress clear
  • Baby gates at top of stairs


Final Thoughts

When it comes to kids, there is a lot to do and plenty to worry about. Hopefully these child proofing home safety tips helped you get started.

By the way, children are especially susceptible to many pathogens and chemicals than can be found on the floor or low to the ground. If you’re in a household with 2 working parents, it’s time to hire a maid service so you’ve got the cleaning portion covered.

For extra safety during Coronavirus, we even offer contactless cleaning so you can be safe and sanitary!


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