8 Must Have Tools and Products for Home Cleaning | Easyway Maids

Whether you’re a professional cleaner, or just sprucing up your home, there are a few essential tools you’ll need. We’ve selected 8 of the most important ones, in order of importance:

1. Apron

Yes, believe it or not, an apron is our #1 ranked cleaning tool. Have you ever tried cleaning with one? If you haven’t you’re severely missing out.

Not having to go back and forth between a supply try and the toilet can cut your cleaning time in half. Once you try it out, you’ll never go back to carrying everything in your hands.

2. Reusable cotton rags

Simple, but critical. Don’t waste endless paper towels every time you need to wipe down your kitchen. Invest in 20 or so cotton rags that you can use for months or years.

Fold them and stack them on your tray before you clean to save extra time.

3. Ostrich feather duster

There is hot debate amongst cleaners over whether or not real feathers are essential for a duster. In our experience, ostrich feather dusters pick up significantly more dust, with less effort.

Plus, they aren’t much more expensive than a synthetic duster. No reason to skip this one!

4. Scraper

A basic scraping tool is a must-have for kitchens, especially. Good luck trying to get that crusted egg off the counter with a rag.

Carry this in your apron and whip it out when you enter a stubborn looking clump of mystery food.

5. Shower scrubber

You can use sponges or magic erasers to clean a shower, but they simply do not have the digging power of bristles.

This one is especially important for professionals. In fact, you’ll find it basically impossible to work at maximum efficiency without this basic cleaning tool.

6. Bleach solution spray bottle

Our one liquid product recommendation on this list: bleach the last resort for stubborn stains. Use 1/3 a cup of bleach per gallon of water, or just fill about 1/2 inch of your spray bottle with bleach, and the rest with water.

Be very careful, spray bottles tend to leak. Bleach will permanently stain many surfaces, so only use this when you really need to.

Hold a rag under the spray tip when you move the bottle to and from your tray, dribbling will happen eventually.

7. Whisk broom

This is a lesser known hero on our list. Whisk brooms are excellent for the tricky corners a duster or broom won’t take care of. 

Once you get efficient with it, you’ll always want to have it on you (no matter what room you’re cleaning).

8. Razor with razor holder

This is the big brother of the scraper cleaning tool. For use only in the most extreme situations!

If your scraper doesn’t work, extend your razor blade and attack the gunk at the lowest angle possible. The closer parallel your razor blade is to the surface, the less likely you are to scratch something. 

In summation

Those are our most important cleaning tools! We left out some of the more obvious ones like vacuums and brooms, but we think these 8 will all be welcome editions to your cleaning arsenal. 

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