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Living rooms always play third fiddle to bathrooms and kitchens. The #1 place you relax deserves more attentions, so in today’s blog post we’re going over 6 techniques to fresh up your quarters.


Living Room Cleaning

Living ROom Cleaning

1. Change Your Air Filters

Yup. An old time favorite piece of advice, but it applies here more than anywhere else. If you want a clean living room, you have to replace your air filter every 2-6 weeks, depending on if you have pets.

Luckily, air filters are cheap and easy to replace. All you have to do is locate the large grate in your home, and you can pop it right open. They don’t have screws or require any tools to open. Your air filter will have arrows showing you which way to insert the filter.

To find out what size filter you have, just check the filter that’s already there! The dimensions will be on the side.

This one trick will significantly decrease the amount of dust circulating in your living room, giving you leeway to clean less often.


2. Invest in a good vacuum

The #1 living room cleaning tool is your vacuum. It’s your best friend. Live and die by the vacuum.

We recommend getting a good backpack vacuum. At Easyway Maid Service, we use the Atrix Ergo Vacuum. You can find it for literally half that price on Amazon, but they have more details about the product on their home site.

A backpack vacuum is just plain fun to use. It’s easier on your back, assuming you’re using the Atrix model, and it makes vacuuming a game.

Whatever vacuum you get, make sure you have an upholstery attachment, roller brush, and crevice tool. With those 3 attachments, you’ll be able to clean every square inch of your living room.


3. Pet Owners: Get a Giant Lint Brush

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Forget tiny lint rollers, go jumbo.

There are a million of these out there, but we like this one. With a good lint brush, you can remove hair from furniture without having to vacuum. It takes a fraction of the time, when it comes to cleaning upholstery in your living room.


4. Clean Under Your Living Room Furniture Twice a Year

Vacuums tend to blow dust around your living room if you let the area under your couch go years without cleaning.

Dust will build up underneath living room furniture just like anywhere else. Moving your couch and cleaning under it every time is inefficient. But, if you want to keep your home clean long-term, vacuum under the furniture every 3-6 months!


5. Plan Out What’s In Your Living Room

Most of us love the ol’ “Horizontal Filing System”. Any flat surface gets slowly covered in toys, mail, and dishes.

Put a little love and care into your coffee table setup. Don’t just use your bookshelves and tables as storage space. Get some quartz crystals or vases. Whatever your style is, use the space to visually design your living room.

Inside the drawers can be as messy as you want, but the exterior of your furniture should be clean and clear. There’s a saying for this: “put things away, don’t put things down”


6. Dust The Blinds In Your Living Room Weekly

Getting dust off your blinds sucks. Trust us. Just leave a duster somewhere in your living room so you can do a quick pass over the blinds regularly. If you do this, you’ll shake up the dust and prevent them from every getting dirty.

If you leave the blinds in your living room unattended, you’ll find you have to literally clean each blind individually, front and back, to get it off. Don’t let it get to that point!

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