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Being stuck at home during the Coronavirus epidemic can be a curse, a blessing, or both at the same time.

While most Americans are suffering from the economic and social ramifications of COVID-19, or the disease itself, there is also an opportunity to bond with friends and family, or take some time to yourself.

These are some great (and hopefully fun) ways to pass the time while you’re in lockdown at home:

1. Play the Pandemic board game

A classic. This is for those with a dark/tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. If you like cooperative games, this is for you! Instead of competing against the other player(s) like in Monopoly or Chess, you play with the other player against the board itself.

It can be a little challenging to figure out the first time, but it is one of the most immersive and fun games we’ve ever played. Plus, it’s relevant and offers plenty of opportunities to find levity in this dire situation.

2. Call an old friend you haven’t seen in forever

Most people are stuck at home right now. This is a great chance to take a second and think about the friends you’ve fallen out of touch with (we know there are at least a few people you should have called by now! Tsk tsk!).

Don’t wait any longer to check in on your college dorm-mate. Give them a call now and show them that you care. Just because we’re socially distancing and physically distancing doesn’t mean we need to be emotionally distancing!

3. Buy a bunch of old videogames for just a few bucks!

You would be stunned at how cheap Playstation 3 and Xbox 1 games are right now! For example, you can hop right on the Gamestop website and see what deals they have. For $40, you could walk away with ten, that’s right, ten new videogames.

It’s a great time for people who are not picky about their videogames. If you don’t care about having the latest and sleekest technology, you can game for a tiny fraction of the normal cost. 

Besides, even if you don’t like a game you bought, award winning games from 5 years ago are selling for about $4 right now.

4. Download Tabletop Simulator and play any board game remotely

Tabletop Simulator is a very cool, and hyper realistic platform that lets you play any board game you want with your friends, while still socially distancing. It’s all available online, and it does it’s darnedest to replicate actually sitting around a table with your family.

What do we mean by that? Well you literally move virtual pieces around with a complicated 3D system to recreate the board gaming experience. It is quite literally a simulator of a tabletop. You can even flip the board, no joke.

Right now it’s available on the Steam Store (link above) for $19.99. Worth the money, in our opinion (we are not sponsored or being paid by Steam or Tabletop Simulator).

5. Make your place cleaner than it’s ever been

If you’re going to be cooped up at home, keeping your space clean will be critical to mental health. No one likes feeling disorganized.

Take this time to really clean the heck out of your apartment or house. Start with one room at a time, to make it an easy chore. Odds are, if you’re on here, the Easyway Maid Service website, your place could probably use some sprucing up.

Check out our sample cleaning schedule to get yourself started.

Stay safe out there, but have some fun!

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