About Us


Our Mission

We are determined to make your life better and simpler by helping you maintain a clean home all-year round. Our mission is to show homeowners what it truly means to have an exceptional team of trained and professional cleaners at their service.

Our Values

To put it simply, Easyway Maids works hard for an honest buck. We have built our brand on the foundations of integrity and respect, treating staff and clients alike as one big family while maintaining complete professionalism throughout.


Our Goals

We want to stress on the importance of living in a clean, sanitary, and tidy home by giving clients firsthand experience of the same. Our goal is to spread joy with unmatched quality cleaning, one happy home at a time!

Easy Way

Why Choose Easyway Maid Service

Our Quality of Cleaning is a Class Apart

You can rest assured that you are getting a professional, high quality cleaning service that is a cut above the rest. Unlike other cleaning companies who sub out their work to contractors, we pride ourselves in hiring, training, & creating the perfect employee so that your home is in good hands. Our trained cleaners use our standardized cleaning checklist to provide the same exact quality of service every single time consistently; we call this the Mcdonald's effect. At Mcdonalds, you can expect the exact same quality/taste with every single order; and we aim to make our cleaning a reliable exact consistent predictable service.

Our cleaning staff specializes in all areas of home cleaning, wowing clients with their cleaning skills and efficiency. Their extensive experience in the cleaning industry, particularly within Austin, Texas, is clearly evident with their ability to address region-specific cleaning issues such as seasonal dust patterns, hard water problems, etc.

Amazing Recurring Programs

With our recurring cleaning services like weekly and bi-weekly cleaning, we can help keep your home cleaner than it’s ever been,freeing up more time for you to rest and relax in your clean and tidy home, all year round! Clients who participate in our recurring programs also get bonus cleaning items year round and top booking priority.

Happy Employees= Happy Customers

We hope to inspire other companies to abolish exploitation in the cleaning industry by treating employees fairly and respectfully. At Easyway Maids, we have created a healthy and happy work environment for our employees, providing many incentives, and most importantly, paying them an hourly living wage in addition to tips, paid vacations, and other perks. Having a fulfilling job encourages our employees to work hard and provide a cleaning service that puts a big smile on your face!

Satisfaction Guarantee

From background checking & proper vetting of our cleaners, our specialized employee training program, & quality control systems; we aim to provide quality service every single time. But in the rare event, you are unhappy with your cleaning, we will be back to come fix it free of charge.

We Come Fully-Equipped

Easyway Maids is constantly updating and upgrading cleaning products and equipment, ensuring you get only the best for your home! Our teams will bring all the basic & major equipment & supplies needed to do the job.

Bookings are a Breeze

To book a cleaning with Easyway Maids, simply use our online booking form to get instant 100% upfront pricing & book your cleaning all in less than 2 minutes online. If you prefer to talk to someone, feel free to call us at (512) 793-7861 & we’ll get you booked up over the phone.

After your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email as well as multiple reminders leading up to the date of your cleaning to make the whole process convenient and smooth sailing.

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